How to Troubleshoot a Stuck Lock

How to Troubleshoot a Stuck Lock

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It is easy to recognise when there is something wrong with a door lockset. This is because we use these devices several times every single day. The most commonly occurring issue is stuck lock which causes the whole door to get stuck as well. In order to resolve it effectively, you need to identify the cause of the problem and implement the most effective solution. Learn how to do this.

Resolving the Most Common Issues

How to Troubleshoot a Stuck LockInspect the lock and the key for damage - Try to figure out whether there is something stuck inside the hole. This could be a thick object or thick liquid. If this is the case, timely lock repair is required. You must check the key for dirt accumulations and damage as well. Remove any dirt with a household detergent solution, lemon juice or vinegar. If the item has dull edges, chips, cuts or deformations it must be replaced.

Check how far the key blade goes - If it cannot go onside the hole at all, then you are dealing with a frozen lock. To resolve this problem, you must apply specially formulated de-icing product on the device. If you do not have one, you should rub alcohol on both the lock and the key. Then you need to lubricate the locking device with graphite or silicone-based lubricant. Wait for a few minutes and insert the key again. Do not push it forceful so that you do not have to worry about broken key extraction.

Notice what happens when you attempt to turn the key - If you cannot move it at all, you have to take it out and apply graphite to it. This is done with the use a common pencil. Make sure that you cover all grooves. You have to lubricate the lock as well. Insert the graphite-covered key inside and turn it very slowly and gently. This should do the trick.

Check the weather stripping if the lock gets stuck while the door is opened - In this case the latch will not get properly attached to the striking plat because the weather stripping prevents proper contact. The seal is usually worn-out and torn. There is little point in trying to stick it back in place once again. You have to replace it immediately so that the lock can work properly. This lock fix will work excellently.

In general, with proper inspection and maintenance, these issues can be avoided. You will not have to worry about early lock replacement either.

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