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We are a British locksmith company capable of providing maximum security for your business and guarantee satisfaction.

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Everybody owns something they treasure whether it is a piece of paper or a bundle of documents; everyone has all the rights in the world to keep what is rightfully owned. Each of us are responsible for its safety – bottom line is, we are all entitled to keep something, own something, and safeguard it. Locksmith Shepperton is a partner in every individual’s effort in preserving their belongings free from any form of contemptible seizure act.

Commercial Locksmith in Shepperton

Our company has taken a further step towards locksmith innovation in order to combat the increasing incidents of robbery, break-in, and burglary. It is true that our household and establishments nowadays are unfortunately prone to breaking in. This disturbing reality fuels us to strive harder to come up with a more unyielding, effective, and resistant lock and key that includes high end security alarms to overcome larceny.

We have been handling a variety of establishments particularly in our area. Owing to our impeccable timing in responding to an emergency call, our company’s promising commitment has reached distant places. In subsequent years, our company has been providing locksmith services to schools, Universities, banks, shopping malls, museums, and hospitals.

Our services

We possess a dedicated team of professional locksmith technicians who are all set in rendering ideal locksmith services, particularly in the commercial sector. Our area of specialization is impressively dynamic. We virtually handle all sorts of locksmith tasks from repairs to replacement and installation.

Door security for business establishments is a common job and we have earned the trust of some of the largest reputable business firms in the area. In times of distress and trouble, such as door lockouts, we are the first locksmith company to call.

Our company is technically advanced to accurately reproduce broken or lost keys. Our clients choose from different brands of locks according to their preference. We have Yale, Chubb, UPCV locks, and much more. These locks may come as padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, lever handle locks and more depending on the choice of the client.

Installation is one of our favourite jobs in this business. We handle safe and CCTV camera installations. We also install high end security systems such as master key systems, high security locks for file cabinets, and access control systems. Furthermore, we provide complimentary services like fire and electrical check-ups.

If there is one feature that makes Locksmith Shepperton stand out from the others, that would be our 24/7 emergency locksmith services. Nobody can tell or has the ability to predict what will happen tomorrow. That is why our company has mustered confidence and dedication to provide locksmith services to our clients round the clock.

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