An Introduction to Interchangeable Core Cylinders

An Introduction to Interchangeable Core Cylinders

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When you want to maintain high level of door security at all times, you must have a clear idea of all the devices that can be used for that purpose. Among them, you will find the interchangeable core cylinders also known as IC cylinders for short. Here you will learn what they are and how they work and how you can use them for security purposes.An Introduction to Interchangeable Core Cylinders

Gaining Maximum Benefit

The first thing you notice about IC cylinders is their unique shape. They have two perfectly round cylindrical sections. One is set on top of the other. In this way, the front section looks as the number 8. This makes them easily distinguishable from the widely used Euro profile cylinders which have an elongated lower section. Another unique thing about the IC devices is that they keyhole is set into the lower section while their counterparts have the keyway in the upper one.

As their name hints, the interchangeable core cylinders are designed to be replaced without the dismantling of the entire door lockset. The core components are extracted and inserted with the use of a special key. A special key cutting technique is used for these cylinders. The process extends from the blade to the bow. The ones for traditional cores are cut in the opposite direction - from the bow to the blade.

IC cylinders can be fitted into practically all types of physical locks including the most widely used mortice sets. They can be integrated into padlocks as well. Currently, all major manufacturers produce locking devices with interchangeable core. The different models offer a different level of security, but the trend is for its increase on the basis of more advanced technologies.

The use of IC cylinders is an alternative to lock rekey and replacement. In case of lost or stolen keys, the core is changed with the use of the special key without the need for changing the entire lockset. In this way, a new one can be used and the level of security is restored. At present, the locking devices with interchangeable core are most widely used on commercial premises and with master key systems, in particular. This gives the company maximum flexibility when it comes to staff changes. When an employee who has a key belonging to the system leaves, the lock cores of the doors that he has had access to are changed.

Now that you know the most important things about the IC cylinders, you can make the right decisions about their use.

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